by Benjamin Ezekiel Sing
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London’s commonly drenched weather can be quite unpleasant and detrimental to many of our plans. But what if we could turn this issue into a positive aspect? Could we derive a communication solution that capitalises on the issue? 

My concept involves utilising ultra-hydrophobic spray* as a medium to stencil messages into the environment.

Any area that is covered with this product becomes extremely water repellent or ‘ultra-hydrophobic’, thus retains its original colour in contrast to its surrounding area that tends to darken when moisture is present. This differentiation in tone can then display text or graphics.

The spray itself dries clear, which renders the message invisible until it rains or moisture is introduced in another manner. It is also only semi-permanent, therefore ensuring no damage to public property.

With this notion, it can be used for promotional content for rainy weather related products such as umbrellas and coats, or for cafés and F&B establishments to promote timely offers for warm beverages and comfort foods. All of which only triggers when it rains. We can also implant cheerful messages outdoors, which will then be read by passers-by.

*Ultra-hydrophobic spray contains chemicals, compelling liquids into droplets that roll off the surfaces of which it has been applied to. There are many grades and a common commercially available variant is waterproofing spray for shoes. 



Exploring a medium, which I consider to be uncommon, this project provides a means to create dynamic, real-time and commercially viable forms of communication. This excites me and I feel like this has the potential to be used in many other ways.



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